Summer 2k16!

The summer has been busy busy but it is winding down and we are starting to see signs of fall (snow on top of Baldy right now)!

I have had an epic summer with lots of focused training, adventures in the mountains, and a big trip down to Australia for a month of skiing!

Instead of blabbering on about my summer, I will let the photos do the talking (with a side of commentary)


Coach Colin and I finished up our final Over Distance workout in Bend, OR with a skin and shred on Mount Bachelor. Fun to rip down with Monica Smith!


A recovery run to Goat Lake with my sister, Oliva!


Off day necessities – A lazy morning, my sister, and a big cup of Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee!


Gold Team women and the summer training group post Harpers TT


Endless ridge – pretty fun to have run a good chunk of the Boulder Mountain ridge


My favorite bike partner, Morgan Arritola getting after it on an early Sunday morning!


One of many OD runs in the mountains


Practicing our golf swing at Sun Valley. We need some practice


Exploring new zones with some good company


A big volume week means lots of adventures. Lucky to have some adventurous friends! We may not have hiked the right peak, but at least we did a peak. Proud of us!



One of the first skis Down Unda (Australia) was pretty epic.


Nothing better than training with my double teammate Kelsey Phinney. #teammadshus #goldteam


Deedra Irwin trying to teach me how to do a handstand. I mastered it and even did a one-armed stand. #talent


A beautiful crust cruise on an endless ridge overlooking Falls Creeks!



A nice escape from winter in Mount Beauty. Hard to believe that there is perfect ski conditions 30 minutes up the hill



Early morning rip with the whole gang


Post skate sprint race with my Madshus girls!


These two always wanting me to take photos of them.


After a month of talking to humans, Matthew decided it was time to talk to the cows. At least they listen to his stories


Super fun racing with Deedra Irwin in the Kangaroo Hoppet!


Matthew getting in some turns mid crust cruise


After spending a month in Falls Creek, I ventured to Melbourne (the Coffee Capital of the World) and it was amazing.


Seriously, it was amazing.


Quite the view from the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere


Trying to get the shot and failing.


After Melbourne, I visited Sydney and had an amazing vacation with some family friends.


Maybe the best part of the trip down unda was this day. #epic


Meet Cloudy. He is a foster kangaroo that can’t be released into the wild for a multitude of reasons so we became quite good friends.



Now that ski vacation and beach vacation are over, I am back in Sun Valley. Fall training is in full swing and we are gearing up for a fun winter of racing!

Next stop, Canmore in T – 5 weeks, 5 days!



East Coast Training Block!

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, it is rather important for me to have a few training blocks at lower elevation throughout the summer and fall. Because I have lived my entire life at an elevation of ~ 6,000ft, I lack a few things that low elevation athletes have. The big ones for me are 1) oxygen 2) pacing at low elevation (speed) and 3) quick recovery.

So, I packed my bags and headed east for some low elevation, hot temperatures, and big time humidity.

The Sun Valley SEF Gold Team spent the first week in Stratton, VT training with SMST2. The week was filled with easy distance workouts, a sustained bounding session, level 4 skate intervals, strength sessions, and an over distance combi ski (classic and skate). It was a relatively modest week of training, which was really great. Spending a week training with SMST2 was a good adjustment period before heading to Lake Placid, NY for a U.S. Ski Team training camp.


A covered bridge in Vermont…SO classic

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Epic Days of Summer!

For cross-country skiers, our summers consist of training, eating, and sleeping, with work thrown into the mix. Part of the reason I love cross-country skiing is because of summer training. There are a few weeks reserved every summer for “The Biggest Volume Block of the Year.” These two weeks are absolutely my favorite weeks of the year. I wait anxiously every summer for this block to come because I know things will be epic.

We just concluded the biggest volume block of the year and it was bittersweet. Our plan was to be on the Haig Glacier to get all of our big hours in on snow, but due to high temperatures and fast melting snow (4 ft. in one day), the trip was cancelled. Instead, we remained in Ketchum and tackled the big hours on our home turf. We had a lot of focused training sessions working on technique, long sustained intervals sessions, and of course some epic adventures “Up North.”

For the last 4 days of the volume block we packed up the van and headed north for the Sawtooth Valley. The goal for the weekend was to pack in some big hours and that we did. We started off the mini camp with a classic roller ski up Galena Pass. With the freshly paved road, minimal traffic, and good views – this was easily one of the best roller skis of the summer.


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Hood River / Trout Lake Intensity Camp

The Gold Team loaded up the van and set out for some training in Hood River, WA. Hood River lies along the Colombia River and is essentially at sea level, which is why we chose this location. I was born and raised at elevation, so it is essential that I get down to sea level for some hard intensity if I want to perform well at low elevation competitions. I have always struggled at low elevation, so getting down to sea level has been a tremendous help over the past few years.

This camp was the most beneficial training camp I have ever had. It was a huge bonus to have Maria Gräfnings with us to have a solid training partner. Like I’ve said before, Maria is an outstanding athlete and has had much success in her skiing career. She has been a huge asset to have around. Every training is perfect with Maria; we go into each session with a focus and make big improvements with technique and fitness. Not only is Maria a great friend, but an even better role model- she is a great representation of the level I need to be at.


Team warm-up before some L4 intervals

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Summer So Far!

Summer 2K15 has been pretty incredible thus far. Here is a little recap.

I started spring training with some Ski to Sea training. Mikey Sinnott and I were invited to be a apart of the Boomers Drive-In team at the Ski to Sea race. The nordic portion of the race was switched to a trail run due to lack of snow on Mt. Baker, so we had to get into running shape. It was great to have a training partner and to have someone motivate me for running intervals in April. The whole Ski to Sea experience was pretty awesome. Mikey and I (and Matthew) spent 30+ hours in the car, spent the night in Mount Rainer National Park, did a foggy run on the Wonderland Trail (which provided zero views), slept in a parking lot, raced for 20 minutes, ate at Boomers Drive-In, and then started the long trek back to Ketchum. Participating in a race that isn’t a cross-country race and being apart of a team is exciting. Hopefully I have the opportunity to race in the Ski to Sea again.


Zero views on the Wonderland Trail. But it was a fun run with Matthew and Mikey!

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OPA Cup Update – Chamonix, France!

After our FIS race in Eisenerz, Austria we hit the road for an easy 10 hour drive to Chamonix, France. Chamonix was the host of OPA Cup Finals this year, which isn’t a bad place to end your time in Europe. One of the most amazing things about being in Chamonix was looking at Mount Blanc every day, all day. I sometimes forgot that I was there to race and found myself staring at Mount Blanc when I should have been doing some speeds on the racecourse, whoops! We arrived there on Monday, March 9th. This gave us a few days of exploring Chamonix as well as getting ready for the final 3 races of OPA Cup Finals. OPA Cup Finals was a mini tour, so the first race is was a Classic Prologue, second race was a 10km Skate Individual Start, and the final race was a 10km Classic Pursuit race. I didn’t have the best end to my time in Europe in terms of racing, but there were a lot of valuable lessons and now I know where I need to improve in order to take my skiing to the next level.

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OPA Cup Update – Ramsau (take 2) and Eisenerz, Austria!

After our first weekend of racing in Rogla, we headed back to Ramsau for a training/recovery week. We had a weekend break in OPA races, so we spend most of the week in Ramsau. It was pretty awesome to return to Ramsau (my new favorite place in Europe). It was a perfect week with  some really snowy days and a few sunny days. We stayed at the Kobaldhof this time around, which is where the U.S. Ski Team always stays. We had a nice little condo that looked out on the Dachstein as well as the ski trails. It’s fair to say that we have been a bit spoiled with where we have traveled to thus far! Paige Schember (my Gold Team teammate) and I put in some good distance training as well as a really quality interval session. We also had a phenomenal off day where we drank excessive amounts of coffee, ate a lot of delicious food, and enjoyed being in a snow globe!


Skiing with these two ladies was the best

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OPA Cup Update – Rogla, Slovenia!

After spending about 5 days in Ramsau adjusting to being in Europe, Kilometers*, Colin and I headed to Slovenia to meet up with other U.S. skiers. There are 10 women and 8 men on the OPA Trip who all qualified for this trip via results at U.S. Nationals and their overall NRL position. The OPA trip is the best way to gain experience racing on the international level. Europa (OPA) Cups are similar to the SuperTour circuit, but the difference is the level of competition. Athletes from Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, France and mane a few other countries which I don’t remember all compete on this race circuit. It is essential that we have this opportunity to compete in the OPA races as it prepares us for World Cup level racing. Fun Fact : There are several athletes that were competing in Rogla this past weekend that have skied into the top 10 on the World Cup this year. #yikes

We arrived in Slovenia on Monday, February 23rd, which gave us plenty of time to ski the race courses and settle in at Rogla. It was wonderful to meet up with the rest of the USA crew and see all the girls again. Most of them I haven’t seen since U.S. Nationals because many of them were competing at U23 World Championships in Kazakhstan. We took full advantage of being back together some some serious girl time and lots of selfies.

FullSizeRender 8

No snow where our hotel was, but drive 20 minutes up a twisty road and there are heaps of snow!

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OPA Cup Update – Ramsau, Austria!

Kilometers*, Colin, and myself decided to head over to Europe early to make sure we were totally adjusted to the time change before our first races. Thanks to Colin, we had an unbelievable setup in Ramsau Dachstein at the Tischelbergerhof. We put in a good amount of training but it felt more like a ski vacation! Ramsau sits on a plateau above Schladming, Austria, which allows for some spectacular views and easy ski terrain.


We flew into Munich, Germany, got our rental car, loaded it with all our gear, got some coffee, and hit the road. Ramsau here we come!

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